A staple of Irish meal times, peas are one of the most versatile vegetables. Our wide range offers every variety you need; so if its your mushy peas for your fish and chips or Marrowfat Peas for your Sunday Roast we’ve got you covered!

Sweet Potato and Kidney Bean Nachos

Another delicious creation from Aisling Larkin. The perfect weekend dish when you have all the family together or ideal for #meatfreemonday

Batchelors Irish Peas

We are proud to say our Irish peas are grown and harvested on the banks of the River Nore. Irish weather is perfect for producing sweet and soft tasting peas which thrive in damper conditions. We work with Irish farmers, like Richard Greene, to grow and harvest a unique strain of peas just for Batchelors.

Batchelors Garden Peas

Add to pasta or enjoy with salmon or steak, our Garden Peas are quick and convenient for your to prepare and enjoy.

Batchelors Peas and Carrots

Our favourite Irish peas are slow cooked together with pieces of carrot for 14 hours meaning that it takes you just a few minutes to prepare and enjoy with your favourite meal.

Batchelors Mushy Peas

Who doesn’t love mushy peas? Soaked in our delicious sauce you’ll find any excuse to have them and not just with fish and chips.

Batchelors Marrowfat Peas

Bigger than your average pea, our Marrowfat Peas are soaked in our delicious sauce and have a rich and distinctive flavour. The perfect accompaniment for roast dinners, they are a favourite at Christmas.

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